“Powerful, Heartfelt, Inspiring, and Real,” are just a few of the adjectives used to describe presentations by “DR. BOUNCE BACK”.  Dudley Thurmond is a highly charged speaker with a message of hope, redemption, faith, perseverance, and determination. He is the perfect keynote, closing or featured-speaker for organizations serving athletic programs and banquets, youth organizations, schools (assemblies, celebrations, awards programs), incarcerated juveniles and adults, and more… His primary presentation focuses on developing a “Winner’s Quality Mindset”  wherein he challenges his audiences to adopt a proactive outlook to build skills necessary for success.

His personal story serves as an instructive and cautionary tale of how to survive self-defeat, incarceration, and near death experiences that resonate with audiences ranging from youth to adult. He delivers a passionate plea to listeners to recognize their strengths, make positive choices, and realize that we can all “BOUNCE BACK” from our personal challenges. Based in Denver, CO, Dudley is quickly becoming a nationally recognized motivator.

Born in Hamilton, Ohio, Dudley grew up in Denver, Colorado.

His formative years reflected almost constant struggles since he had no father figure to teach values, beliefs, and skills that Dads teach their sons. Dudley felt pulled in conflicting directions and did not help himself by making self-defeating decision that almost cost his life on several occasions. However, Dudley possessed a spirit that propelled him to bounce back from set backs on a regular basis.

Mr. Thurmond was born with unknown gifts that he has nurtured into a passion to positive influence others to achieve their potential. He loves to facilitate sessions and presentations he tailors to the needs of communities, agencies, and institutions.

The turning point in Dudley’s life occurred when he heard the seemingly permanent clang of a jail cell. But like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Dudley bounced back—again. For once in his life, Dudley came face-to-face with himself. As he focused on the man in the mirror Dudley recognized both strengths and weaknesses and his ability to make positive choices. While incarcerated he enrolled in a program called Choices. In a matter of weeks he became one of the program’s top speakers. His impact on youth was remarkable. In the process, Dudley changed the way he had been thinking and immediately his life changed.

Dudley now dedicates himself and his tireless energy to benefit a wide range of audiences. His past trials, troubles, and tribulations have become a springboard to the stars: The sky is the limit.

His audiences are very diverse, from teens and young adults to mature and senior adults.

Dudley is a full-time father to his two sons, ages 16 and 12. He enjoys fitness and outdoor activities, mentoring young adults, and coaching a youth football team.

Dudley challenges you to find out for yourself why he is one of the top up- and-coming speakers in the industry.

Take Back Your Life!

“We must understand the importance of gaining momentum. Whenever you pass a test, overcome an obstacle, or accomplish something you’re gaining momentum in your life.”

Take Control of Your Life!

“You must plan your life step by step, day by day, week by week, month by month. That’s your road map. Stay focused and you will create the life you have planned.”

Discover Your Greatest Self!

“I believe that each one of us were put on Earth to serve a true purpose and to help better this wonderful world that we live in.”